Eco-friendly Must Haves For Travelling

If you follow us on social media you probably already know we've just returned from a 3 week trip to Hong Kong and Bali. It was amazing!


As I was unpacking my suitcase it dawned on me that my packing choices had impacted the footprint I left behind as a tourist. It's easy to go away and leave all your worries behind but what about all the trash we leave behind in the countries we're visiting?! Just a little bit of preparation before travelling can really make such a huge impact so I would like to share with you my eco-friendly must-haves for travelling.

1. Tote bag- great because of how versatile it is, my tote bag can be used as hand luggage, a beach bag and for grocery shopping, that means saying no to plastic bags! I am very lucky to have been given mine from the fantastic Bumi Sehat Organisation in Indonesia. They are an incredible non-profit that provides free health care for pregnant woman and children under 5 in Bali and Aceh. 
tote bag reusable bag
2. Reusable bottle. I love filtered water bottles, I took one on a 9 month backpacking trip around south, central and north america. The best thing is you can fill them up straight from the tap wherever you are without worrying about nasty bacteria etc. believe me this is incredibly handy. I must have saved SO much money on bottles of water, not to mention the amount of plastic I didn't have to waste. I can't find the particular brand I used before but this one looks great and similar to mine from the reviews.

3. Reusable straws. These are a real must-have because let's face it when you're on holiday you drink a lot of cold drinks and most of the time with a straw. When we were in Bali we had a juice/smoothie every day and cocktails nearly every night (ooops) . Between the six of us over a three week period we saved the planet from over 500 straws!! And that's just one family, imagine if everyone was to do the same!!!

coconut water stainless steel straw collingwood ecoware reusable straw

4. Straw Pouch. With every reusable straw comes the need for a straw pouch.. yes these exist and they are so useful for travelling. We were shocked by the high prices on the market so we made our own at home, they will be up for sale soon so watch this space!
reusable straw case homemade design

5. Snacks!! Plane food can be gross and the snacks just make me feel groggy so I made some very tasty 'salted caramel' balls with raw cashews, medjool dates, vanilla essence and sea salt YUM.
 salted caramel balls raw
6. Lunch Box. If you're taking snacks you're gonna need a lunch box... our favorites are these stainless steel sets
7. A good book! Switch off phones for a while and get totally lost in a good book, I was reading one of my all time favorites, The Alchemist by paulo coelho!
8. Bamboo toothbrush. This is for general life and not just when travelling but I couldn't miss it off the friendly toothbrush