Health benefits of Drinking Lemon Water


Many of us already know the great health benefits of drinking lemon water but are we doing it right?

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It's true that drinking lemon water seems to have a never ending list of health benefits including boosting immune system, aiding digestion, inflammatory effects and boosting energy levels.. just to name a few reasons.. honestly the list goes on forever!

But did you know the best temperature for your lemon water is at room temperature?

Hot water destroys the enzymes and nutrients and icy cold water will prevent the full utilization of both!

And do you know the negative effects lemon water can have on your teeth?

The acidity in lemons is known to wear down the enamel on our teeth, therefore doctors recommend drinking lemon water with a straw so the liquid can bypass our teeth 😬

We use our nifty stainless steel straw, reusing it every single day! Lemon water is keeping our body healthy, our teeth intact and causing no harm to the environment with our sustainable straw 👍🏻 Get your own set of reusable straws here.