Living Greener this Summer

Oh summer, we love you and good news is it's not over yet! We all look forward to holidays, sunshine and more time with loved ones but are we doing our bit for the environment? Here's our top tips for living greener this summer.
1. Get outside- switch off TVs & Phones, go and enjoy some good old fashioned fresh air this summer time. Get the kids interested in gardening and start growing your own fruit & veg for a win-win!
2. Open the curtains- Let as much natural light in to the house as possible and keep the lights turned off to avoid using unnecessary electricity. 
3. Walk or cycle instead of driving- It's easy to rely on cars but in the summer time stop and think, do you need to drive or could you walk or cycle? Both are great exercise and better for the environment.
4. Needing a cold refreshment to cool you down?- Skip the takeout and make cold drinks at home, serve in reusable tumblers rather than single-use plastic cups and use a reusable straw to sip on the go.
5. Dry your clothes outdoors- skip the dryer and hang your clothes out to dry in the summer air.
6. Same goes for your hair- skip using a hairdryer and let your hair dry naturally in the sunshine.
7. Take your own bag- when out and about carry reusable bags and avoid using plastic bags.
8. Find a local farmers market- buy your produce from local farmers without all the plastic packaging.
9. Get crafty with the kids- use junk mail as supplies and get creative seeing what you can make with paper.
10. Set up camp in the garden- you don't have to travel far to experience camping. Pitch a tent in the garden, play card games and use a terracotta pot as a fire pit (do some research online first).