Small Changes to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle


1. Buy less waste.

You might be wondering who would intentionally buy waste, a lot of people do, and you’re probably included. Think about your weekly food shop. Do you buy fruit and veg that's in plastic packaging? If so could you buy it without? Supermarkets place fruit and veg in unnecessary packaging and bump up the price. Instead take along some reusable produce bags and pick your own. You will save money and won’t  be taking home a load of plastic to instantly throw away.

 2. Switch to reusable items.

Unfortunately we live in a throw-away society, stop and think about all the paper towels, plastic bags, plastic straws, plastic bottles and coffee capsules you have used in your lifetime. Often we use each of these items for only a few seconds or minutes before throwing them in the trash. What if I was to tell you, there are reusable alternatives to every one of the items mentioned. Maybe you already know that but because of ease or lack of time you’ve never made the switch. Well there’s never a better time than the present and once you’ve switched you’ll never look back.

3. Create your own cleaning products.

It might sound like hard work but it really isn't. Consider the time it takes to go to a shop and buy cleaning products, I guarantee you could have made your own in the same amount of time. Do you know how many things you can clean with good old fashioned water, vinegar and baking soda? So many! Do some research and give it a go (I will be sharing a post about this in more detail at a later date). What are the pros? You will actually know what's in your cleaning products, meaning no more harmful ingredients. You will save a lot of money and will no longer be buying plastic containers that eventually end up polluting our planet.


4. Grow your own. 

One obvious reason to grow your own produce is for the amount of money you can save,  and yet there are even more reasons you might not have thought of. Have you ever considered how far produce travels to reach supermarkets?  And the amount of fuel that is used to transport this produce? This is a huge factor to consider, think of both the refrigeration needed to keep these products fresh and the amount of fuel used for transport. These are both contributing largely to climate change. By growing your own you play no part in this destructive cycle. And if you can’t find the time then make sure you buy locally grown produce.   

5. Eat less meat.

I am not saying that you MUST turn vegetarian or vegan today if you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Every small step is a step in the right direction. However, I think it’s important to understand how eating less meat can help the environment. Meat production is one of the most environmentally destructive industries on the planet. There's a lot of information about this all over the internet so I’m not going to go too far in to it but do educate yourself. If the vegan lifestyle isn't for you, can you go vegan/vegetarian one day a week? There's one way to find out.


Good luck & remember small changes make a big difference!