What does Eco mean?

'Eco' quite simply means to do no harm to the environment, to be earth friendly. 

Let me start by telling you what I know for sure;

We are the people of our world.

We are the most intelligent beings on our planet.

We have a responsibility to care for the world we live in. 

In just America alone, over 10.5 million tons of plastic waste is generated each year. Only 1-2% of this is recycled. Just think about the amount of waste we will have created in 10, 20, 100 years if we don't put a stop to it now. Plastic has only been around for 50 years or so and yet nearly all of the plastic that has ever been created still exists now.

It is estimated that 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped in the world's oceans every year. Plastic as we know it, will not deteriorate over time, it will stay in our oceans and continue to kill more and more marine life every year. 

Plastic pollution is a huge problem for our world but the best news is, we could put a stop to it if we made a conscious effort to switch to eco-friendly products.

Every day more and more people realize how harmful plastic is to our environment and make the change to eco-friendly products. Is today the day you make the change? Or have you been eco-friendly for a while? Maybe today is the day you pass the message on to a friend, spread the word and help the world.

People often think that Eco means more expensive and although they would like to help the environment they believe they can't afford to. That's why all of our products are reusable, saving you more money in the long run. There really is no excuse, so make the switch today.

Once again from our small English office, we thank you for reading and hope you come back soon! Have a lovely day.