Why are Smoothies so good for you? by Collingwood Ecoware.

This January we will be bringing you a new smoothie recipe every day, but what is it that makes smoothies so good for us? We have created a list of the nutrients in our smoothies that make them super duper:


-Fruits are full of natural sugars providing our bodies with essential energy to go about our daily routines. These sugars are absorbed slowly in to our bodies, avoiding spikes in blood sugar levels.

-Fibers are types of carbohydrates that our bodies cannot digest. Soluble fibres found in nuts and grains bind with fatty acids flushing them out of the body. Insoluble fibres such as flax seeds, help hydrate our bodies moving waste through our intestines, keeping us healthy and regular.



-After decades of being terrified of anything that included the word “fat”, we are finally learning how important fats are to our diets and how eating good fats can have tremendous health benefits. Foods such as nut butters and avocados provide essential fatty acids such as omega 3 needed for your body to function. Benefits include aiding the brain functioning, a healthier heart and helping keep skin healthy and younger looking.



-Performing hundreds of roles in our body, it would be difficult to cover every vitamin and it’s health benefits. It is important to understand that vitamins are essential nutrients for your body. Vitamin C found in oranges and acerola cherry powder is great for building your immune system and promoting healthy teeth and gums.



-Foods such as greek yoghurt and pea protein isolate provide you with proteins that support muscle growth and help manage your weight by filling you up.  Foods high in protein help maintain healthy bones and lowers blood pressure levels.



-Calcium, found in dairy products and some vegetables such as broccoli is a macro mineral required to keep bones and teeth strong and healthy.

-Potassium found in spinach and bananas plays a significant part in the body’s water, metabolism and chemical balance.


All sounds like pretty important stuff right? That's because it is. The best part is, if you can understand what makes a balanced healthy smoothie you're already half way there when thinking about the rest of your diet. Give your body what it deserves and feel great in return, win win! If you will be trying out our smoothie recipes this January please refrain from using plastic straws and make the switch to our reusable stainless steel straws.