Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags - Pack of 6

Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bags - Pack of 6

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  • Each set of Collingwood Ecoware Produce bags includes 6 bags, 1 Small (8 x 10 inches), 2 Medium (10x12 inches), 2 Large (12x14 inches) & 1 Extra Large (14x18 inches). Even our smallest bag fits a bunch of six bananas and the biggest up to 30 medium sized onions!  There’s no need to feel guilty on your next grocery shop, fill your produce bags with all the fresh fruit and veg you desire and feel great that you won’t be using any plastic in the process.
  • KEEP YOUR VEGETABLES FRESHER FOR LONGER WITH YOUR NEW BREATHABLE & ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCE BAGS. Once you’ve returned from your shop, rinse all veg with water before placing back in the reusable bags and placing in the refrigerator. We find this keeps veg fresher and crisper for longer so nothing goes to waste. EASY TO CLEAN, simply wash the bags out with cold soapy water and leave them out to dry, ready for next time. 
  • JOIN THE ZERO WASTE MOVEMENT. Did you know plastic bags have only existed for about 50 years and yet it is estimated that 99% of all plastic ever produced still exists today? Scientists predict it will take around 1000 years for plastic to deteriorate but it could take even longer. It’s time to stop fuelling this harmful industry for quick and cheap options and take things back to basics. Our grocery bags are a great first step in living a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • CHOOSE THE BEST FOR YOUR FAMILY. We all want the best for our families and sometimes it seems like hard work to find good quality, safe options for our homes. At Collingwood Ecoware we want only the best for you and our planet, that’s why our veggie bags are packaged in brown paper boxes - NO PLASTIC. Make the switch today. There’s nothing to lose.. except the billions of plastic bags we use each year.