Our Story

"We quit our day jobs and embarked on the journey of a lifetime, 5 months of backpacking around South America followed by 3 months of driving around the US in a camper-van. When asked what we enjoyed most about our trip it’s hard to choose between seeing in the New Year on Copacabana beach in Rio, trekking the Inca-trail in Peru or sleeping in our camper van on the edge of the golden gate bridge in San Fransisco! One aspect of our travels that really can’t be topped is the beautiful outdoors and the wildlife that comes with it. We walked on glaciers, swam with sharks and stood meters away from baby penguins in their natural habitat on a tiny island in Patagonia. We visited Galapagos islands and saw swimming iguanas, galapagos tortoises and blue-footed boobies. We were continuously blown away with the magnificence of our planet.  

With all the good, comes the bad. We visited Caribbean beaches absolutely covered in plastic, namely water bottles and straws. We were told the glaciers we visited would be gone within our lifetime, perhaps the next generation wouldn’t even witness them. We visited a desert oasis in Peru, it was one of those ‘magical’ places you see all over instagram. The truth is the oasis and the sand dunes surrounding it were totally covered in plastic too. It was clear to us then, that us humans are wrecking our planet and maybe we don’t even know it. We knew then that we had to do something.  

In 2017 we launched Collingwood Ecoware, a small first step by offering consumers an alternative to plastic straws with our stainless steel option. We have now added a reusable water bottle, organic cotton produce bags and a stainless steel tofu press to the range, all offering sustainable solutions to the plastic problem we face. As a small start-up it's only with your support that we can continue to bring you more sustainable alternatives to plastic. We are so grateful for all of your support so far!

However you found yourself stumbling across this page, we thank you for joining us on our quest to eliminate unnecessary waste. We hope to inspire you and to support you in your journey to living a life with less, or if you’re feeling brave, no plastic. " 

- Amy + Matt, Co-founders