The 'Sustainable Lifestyle' by Collingwood Ecoware

What is the sustainable lifestyle?

✿ To live in harmony with the environment creating balance, peace and happiness. 

✿ To simplify lifestyle choices, making conscious educated decisions.

✿ To appreciate what we have, becoming more resourceful and cherishing the world's natural resources. 


Can I make changes?

We can all live a more sustainable lifestyle. It might seem daunting to change your daily habits but it really doesn't have to be. Maybe this year you start reusing more items and maybe next year you start growing your own vegetables. The point is, you don't have to wake up one day and completely change your whole lifestyle, make small changes until you are happy within yourself. 

How will it effect my life?

✿ Your finances will improve. We live in a throw-away society, using items once before disregarding them. By finding more uses to these items or switching to reusables, we save both money and resources.

✿ You will find happiness. Doing something good for the world will in turn make you feel good. The sustainable lifestyle will open your eyes to your surroundings, enabling you to see the beauty in the world. 

✿ You will find control. We are often very detached, not truly understanding what we are buying and using in our own home. Often products include ingredients we have never heard of. By living sustainably we find control in knowing what we are using or eating. 

Where do I start?

So you're willing to give it a go but not sure how to start. We've put together a list of ways you can live a more sustainable lifestyle, remember don't over do it. Small changes are more likely to stick, then as you begin to feel good about all the waste, money, or time you've saved, you can begin to make more changes. 

Small Changes to Live a More Sustainable Lifestyle